15 July: World Youth Skills Day (Unesco)

Today is World Youth Skills Day. It is clear that The Adecco Group is committed to the opportunities of young talent worldwide. We do not only contribute to the future of young graduates on a daily basis by bringing them into contact with employers, but we also organize a large sports initiative every year, namely Win4Youth. We do this to support charities, such as Plan International, that are committed to disadvantaged young people and families.

The Adecco Group is also an active member of the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN). This global initiative aims to provide young people with the specific skills that companies and businesses need today and tomorrow. In addition, it wants to increase the chances of these young people on the labour market through internships and workplace learning. In this way, The Adecco Group also contributes to finding solutions that reduce youth unemployment.

Guiding graduates in their search for a job is essential, as they are the building blocks for a bright future.

On this day, The Adecco Group is happy to put the value of our young people in the « spotlight » with pleasure and pride.

Thanks everyone!

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