Adecco is recruiting 240 new people to help SMEs through labour shortages

The demand for outsourcing and HR advice is high due to low unemployment rate

HR services provider Adecco will recruit around 240 new people between now and the beginning of 2022. In the first place, the company is expanding its own team of HR experts, but Adecco also wants to increase its pool of talent in order to provide SMEs with the right profiles more quickly through outsourcing. The reason for the large number of vacancies is the current labour shortage. “The demand from the business world for personnel support has never been so high and will only increase in 2022. The corona crisis has given the war for talent a new boost,” says Jan Dekeyser, Country Head of Adecco in Belgium.

The corona crisis has pushed the number of vacancies in Belgium to historic heights, and the rate of unemployment in Belgium is the lowest it has been for 13 years. This conflict between supply and demand is leading to companies struggling to attract the right talent. Adecco is therefore bringing extra HR experts on board with a view to 2022. The aim is to increase the pool of temporary workers on the one hand and to help small and large companies with activities outside their comfort zone through outsourcing, on the other.

“Permanent recruitment has become more important for many companies during the corona crisis. We have therefore increased our efforts in this respect. In addition, the demand for outsourcing has increased. Companies want to be able to focus on their core business. The fact that they no longer have to deal with issues such as file management or running a call centre and/or finding the right people for it has become an important reason for companies to call on external support more quickly.”

– Jan Dekeyser, Country Head Adecco in Belgium

Advising SMEs on HR

According to Adecco, the labour shortage will only increase further in 2022. The personnel problem is an issue for all sectors and affects large and small enterprises alike. Adecco would like to play a bigger role through HR advice, particularly for those smaller companies.

“Small companies are often unable to develop a comprehensive HR department. That is why we want to support them better as advisors, through our local offices. We have identified a need for this. Especially in our country, where there is a strong SME culture.”

– Jan Dekeyser, Country Head Adecco in Belgium

Jobs close to home

The corona crisis also made certain working conditions – such as teleworking – a priority for many job seekers. That does not mean, however, that a job near to home has become less interesting. With its 240 jobs and network of offices all over Belgium, Adecco is offering an opportunity to find a job close to home. The HR service provider’s local presence is a great advantage for job seekers.

“Throughout the corona crisis, we have become accustomed to working more from home or working in a hybrid manner. But a job close to home has not become any less important. On the contrary, we have come to appreciate the combination of working from and close to home even more.”

– Jan Dekeyser, Country Head Adecco in Belgium

About the Adecco Group

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