Jan Dekeyser head of the Adecco Group in Belgium and Luxembourg

Current Country Manager Nico Reeskens assumes international position within the group

From 1 August 2020, Jan Dekeyser will be leading the Belgian and Luxembourg departments of the international HR service provider the Adecco Group. Dekeyser will pick up the torch from current Country Manager Nico Reeskens. The latter assumes an international position within The Adecco Group as Regional Head of Sales & Marketing for the Northern European region.

The role changes are the result of a number of international reorganizations within the Adecco Group. In doing so, the company aims to improve its regional operations and consolidate its strong position after the corona crisis. These changes also imply that the manager of the Adecco Group Belgium will also be ultimately responsible for the Luxembourg department. 

Despite the fact that Dekeyser joined the Adecco Group only a few months ago, the company believes that Dekeyser is the perfect man to run the Belgian and Luxembourg departments. To this end, the international HR service provider relies on Jan Dekeyser’s more than 20 years of experience in management positions in various international companies, most recently as Managing Director of Thomas Cook Belgium. 

“I am very happy with the trust the Adecco Group puts in me to lead the Belgian and Luxembourg departments. Nico Reeskens has been doing this perfectly for the past 6 years. In the coming period, we will be facing the challenges of the corona crisis together, while also preparing for the post-corona era”.

– Jan Dekeyser, future CEO of the Adecco Group Belgium & Luxembourg 

Second Belgian in Northern European management team

After ten years of service within the Adecco Group Belgium – 6 years of which as Country Manager – Nico Reeskens is switching to a position within the Northern European management team. As Regional Head of Sales & Marketing, he will outline the Northern European commercial strategy and implement it more uniformly across countries. Reeskens thus becomes the second Belgian in the Northern European management team, together with Dirk Stienaers (Regional Head of HR). This will firmly consolidate the integration of the Adecco Group Belgium.

Nico Reeskens

“I experienced ten wonderful years within the Belgian group, where I received a lot of support from the teams. I want to fully utilize this knowledge to help guide the Adecco Group on an international level.”

– Nico Reeskens, future Regional Head of Sales & Marketing Northern Europe within the Adecco Group

The Adecco Group Belgium thanks Nico Reeskens for his long-standing commitment as Country Manager and wishes Nico Reeskens and Jan Dekeyser all the best in their new roles.

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