Kasper De Smaele becomes CEO for one month of the Adecco Group Belgium

Kasper De Smaele, a 21-year-old student from Wetteren, will soon be the CEO of The Adecco Group Belgium for one month. The Aerospace Engineer student was selected from more than 3,500 youngsters. With the initiative, the Adecco Group wants to listen to the future visions of young people and make them enthusiastic about leading positions with which they can take that future in their hands. Belgian finalists of recent years have already found work at top national and international companies such as The Coca Cola Company, Google and The Adecco Group itself.

A record number of more than 3,500 youngsters took the opportunity to shadow Nico Reeskens, Country Manager of The Adecco Group Belgium, for one month. After various intellectual and practical assignments, six students were allowed to participate in the final bootcamp on Wednesday 8 May. Among other things, they worked out a business case in which they shared their strategically substantiated ideas about how to involve young people in a company in an efficient and high-quality way. Their leadership abilities, team spirit and communication skills were tested in a special escape room. Finally, directors of The Adecco Group, Audi and LeasePlan put the candidates to the test about their drive and ambition in one-to-one interviews. The professional jury was particularly impressed by the performance of 21-year-old Kasper De Smaele. He will have the opportunity to gain CEO experience for one month within The Adecco Group alongside Nico Reeskens

Nico Reeskens, Country Manager The Adecco Group Belgium:
“This project is not only interesting for the youngsters themselves, but also for us. After all, young people are full of ideas about what companies should look like in the future. I am therefore looking forward to being challenged by our new CEO for One Month. At the same time, we want to teach young people in this way what they don’t get enough at school: soft skills, practical insights and experience. And how can we do this in a better way than putting someone – of course with the right guidance – at the helm of a large company? ”

A student job with a CV boost

Kasper De Smaele will, for a month, master the ins and outs of a CEO under the watchful eye of current Country Manager Nico Reeskens. The “CEO for One Month” attends national and international meetings, meets teams and collaborates with clients. In addition, he or she is challenged to provide input and to help make choices to steer the company in the right direction. Providing solutions to problems that the company faces that month is also part of the duties.

The student also tastes of a CEO-worthy allowance: a monthly wage of 6,600 euros and an Audi A1 as a company car. In addition, he has the chance to become CEO a second time, but then from the Adecco Group HQ in Zurich .

Kasper De Smaele, CEO for one month:
“I am extremely motivated for this unique experience and would like to find out whether my view of things can make a difference. My education has taught me a lot, but I often still lack practical experience here. By joining The Adecco Group as a CEO for one month, I hope to get more in touch with the “real” world and to further develop my entrepreneurial spirit. It will be a boost for my CV anyway! ”

Springboard for talent

“CEO for One Month” is now in its fifth edition. While three hundred participants took a shot at the title in 2015, that number has now increased tenfold. With this initiative, The Adecco Group wants to stimulate young people’s ambition, give them a taste of a future management position and teach them insights and skills for business. With various tests, The Adecco Group challenges candidates as much as possible so that they also gain educational experience throughout the project. And that pays off: former Belgian finalists have already found work at top companies such as The Coca Cola Company, Google and The Adecco Group itself.

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