Modis Belgium forms an agreement with the European Commission for the employment of 1.200 IT experts

Further to an open call for tenders, IT service provider  Modis was awarded a Framework Contract  regarding the provision of services by IT consultants to the European Commission, as well as to some EU Agencies, over four years. Modis Belgium will be the first contractor in the cascade resulting from this market procedure, which has a maximum value of approximately 500 million euros. 

This is the largest Framework Contract in the field of IT services ever awarded by the EU Institutions.

Over the course of the next four years, Modis, part of The Adecco Group, will be responsible for providing services in the field of Information Systems development, maintenance and support. The contract covers services provided by different consultants, including business analysts, architects, project managers, developers for the IT projects within the participating EU Institutions in Belgium. Modis’s trump card is that it can bank on the shortage of IT personnel in the Belgian labour market by calling on its other offices all over Europe.

Modis coordinates the services of IT professionals for EU Institutions projects.

The contract value reflects the service provision in approximately 1,200 IT specialists over 4 years. As a leading party within this agreement, Modis will supply a substantial number of IT professionals. To successfully manage this Modis put together a dedicated team, along with experts who have been active in the European Union Institutions for many years.

Hubert Vanhoe, Managing Director Modis Benelux: “With Modis, we have a branch in all EU countries. As a part of the international Adecco Group, we are a reliable, solvent partner to the European institutions, as well as to IT professionals looking forward to work on the projects with the EU institutions. Also, we can help their partners find jobs in Belgium through our parent company.”

IT services are in Modis’s DNA

Today, Modis employs more than 10,000 IT professionals in Europe. This new European contract for the Modis Belgium office testifies to the fast-growing company’s experience and expertise. In Europe, it provides IT experts to, among other companies, IBM, Ericsson, and HP. In Belgium, examples are Cisco, Telenet and the Flemish Government.

“IT services is in Modis’ DNA. Our recruiting, coaching and guidance approach for IT professionals works effectively and brings results. That is where we differ from traditional IT providers”, says Hubert Vanhoe, Managing Director of Modis Belgium.

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