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  • Jan Dekeyser

Jan Dekeyser head of the Adecco Group in Belgium and Luxembourg

Current Country Manager Nico Reeskens assumes international position within the group From 1 August 2020, Jan Dekeyser will

Sweeping workplace changes expected in a post-pandemic world says research from The Adecco Group

Businesses and workers call for greater flexibility, questions raised over the hours-based contract, and a new empathetic leadership profile emerges

Corona: Belgian government among European middle tier for economic support measures

Belgian GDP and unemployment on average hit less hard than other countries The Belgian government has turned in a

Open Letter: Safely Back To Work In The New Normal

Unparalleled collaboration is needed to prepare for the new normal in the workplace in the wake of COVID-19 The COVID-19

Recommendations concerning Coronavirus

Recommendations concerning Coronavirus What is the new coronavirus? An outbreak of a new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is spreading from China

  • 2020 GTCI

2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index

Digital skills gap increases growing inequality between high-income countries and the rest of the world The Adecco Group aims

Jan Dekeyser joins the Adecco Group Belgium as Director General Staffing from January 2th, 2020.

The former CEO of Thomas Cook Belgium leads the Adecco branch network from January 2th, 2020. The General Staffing branch

  • orld Youth Skills Day 2019

15 July: World Youth Skills Day (Unesco)

Today is World Youth Skills Day. It is clear that The Adecco Group is committed

Wanted: 18,200 highly skilled profiles for bottleneck sectors

Service provider Modis is expanding its expertise to address scarcity in bottleneck sectors The Belgian life science, pharmaceutical and technology

  • Kasper De Smaele, CEO for One Month, The Adecco Group

Kasper De Smaele becomes CEO for one month of the Adecco Group Belgium

Kasper De Smaele, a 21-year-old student from Wetteren, will soon be the CEO of The Adecco

Athlete Career Program workshop overview – June

As part of the Athlete Career Program, the BOIC, the Belgian Paralympic Committee (BPC) and the Adecco Group are

  • Great Place To Work 2019

The Adecco Group again named one of the best Belgian employers

The Adecco Group Belgium has been named one of the best Belgian Workplaces for the

  • GTCI country ranking


The 2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) report reveals that Switzerland, Singapore and the United

Modis Belgium forms an agreement with the European Commission for the employment of 1.200 IT experts

Further to an open call for tenders, IT service provider  Modis was awarded a Framework Contract 


For the third year running, the Adecco Group has featured in the top 5 of

GAN Belgium integrates workplace-learning into youth education

Youngsters will truly learn their profession in the workplace, which is why a network of

  • Become CEO for One Month of The Adecco Group

Giving young talent unparalleled work experience opportunities and real-world exposure, the adecco group opens registration for ‘ceo for one month’ 2018

The unique programme, now in its fifth year, provides opportunities for candidates to step into the shoes of business

2018 global talent competitiveness index: talent diversity and competitiveness will fuel the future of work

Developed, high-income countries are still the global talent champions Zurich, Stockholm, Oslo take top spots in the cities' ranking

Werkplekleren als sleutel in de strijd tegen jeugdwerkloosheid

Werkplekleren is dé leervorm van de toekomst, althans volgens Alain Dehaze, Global CEO van The Adecco Group. Het vormde dan

6 opiniemakers en thought leaders die je absoluut moet volgen

Thought leaders weten niet alleen alles over hun vakgebied, ze delen ook rake inzichten over hoe onze samenleving werkt, hoe de arbeidsmarkt in

Waarom Win4Youth het perfecte voorbeeld is van Adecco’s Corporate Social Responsibility-strategie

Het 2016/2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report toont het onomstotelijk aan: The Adecco Group zet reuzenstappen op het vlak van duurzaamheid, onder meer door diversiteit op de werkvloer te

Charlotte Belliard wordt CEO voor 1 maand van The Adecco Group Belgium

1.589 kandidaten, 1 winnaar. Een ongekend succes. Groot-Bijgaarden, 15 mei 2017: The Adecco Group geeft jongeren dit jaar opnieuw dé