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Belgian ACP Fund

Are you an Olympian athlete/coach?
Are you a Paralympian athlete/coach?

Do you need financial support for your personal development or education?

The Belgian ACP Fund was designed for you! Please contact the ACP-team at

The Athlete Career Programme (ACP) offers athletes the necessary tools to prepare a successful transition from elite sports to a next career. The ACP focuses on three pillars: education, life skills and employment.

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We support athletes worldwide to transition into the workplace

We recognise that athletes acquire many transferable skills during their sporting careers. After all, when you’re determined to succeed in your sport, you can be determined to succeed anywhere, including in the corporate environment. The Adecco Group works closely with the International Olympic Committee [IOC] and the International Paralympic Committee [IPC] to provide athletes with the education, life skills, career and job placement opportunities they need to successfully transition into the workplace.


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