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Global Apprenticeship Network

Developing skills, creating opportunities

We are proud to be members of this global network of organisations, working together to address skills shortages and create opportunities for young people. With a focus on improving and evolving the status of apprenticeships and internships, plus calling for greater investment in work-based training, we will ensure that tomorrow’s talent can achieve their full potential. Today.

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Latest news

  • 2020 GTCI

2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index

Digital skills gap increases growing inequality between high-income countries and the rest of the world The Adecco Group aims

Jan Dekeyser joins the Adecco Group Belgium as Director General Staffing from January 2th, 2020.

The former CEO of Thomas Cook Belgium leads the Adecco branch network from January 2th, 2020. The General Staffing branch

  • orld Youth Skills Day 2019

15 July: World Youth Skills Day (Unesco)

Today is World Youth Skills Day. It is clear that The Adecco Group is committed