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The Adecco Group Belgium, the Belgian Paralympic Committee (BPC) and the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (BOIC) have joined forces to offer the Athlete Career Programme to Olympic and Paralympic athletes.


ACP provides a response to the needs of Olympic and Paralympic athletes’ coaches by offering them a framework in which to develop their social careers, both during and after their top-level sporting careers.

For who?

Olympic & Paralympic athletes/coaches who:

●  want to gain experience in the labour market

●  wish to generate an income

●  to prepare the transition to the labour market

●  want to be guided to the most suitable job

What does the ACP offer?

The ACP offers athletes a tailor-made solution where top sports performance comes first. Through internships and employment, athletes are given the opportunity to further develop their talents and competencies on the work floor.

After the top sports career, these top athletes are guided in searching for and finding the most suitable job:

●  individual coaching and career guidance

●  several workshops on career guidance

●  internship and employment opportunities

●  facilitating contacts with companies


●  Development of relevant skills and competences

●  building up work experience

●  ensuring an income

●  more balance and confidence for the future

DIGITAL WORKSHOPS in collaboration with Lee Hecht Harrison

ACP Workshop Planning_LHH_October 2020

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