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CEO for One Month

The ‘CEO for One Month’ programme epitomises the Adecco Group’s aim to provide young people with real-world opportunities and help them thrive through the power of work. The invaluable insights gained from such an experience cannot be taught at school or shared in university lectures.

The programme offers ambitious individuals starting their career the unique opportunity to become the *CEO for One Month of Adecco in their country. One of them will become the Adecco Group’s *CEO for One Month under the direct supervision of the CEO of The Adecco Group Alain Dehaze.

Youngsters from all over the world can apply for this unique opportunity to be global *CEO for One Month, under the direct supervision of Alain Dehaze.. The selected CEO for One Month will have the chance to get a taste of how to run a multinational company with 33,000 employees and over 23 billion euro in revenue. This will be a highly qualifying experience, and a huge boost to the career of the selected candidate.

To participate, candidates need to apply before 20th of March via the CEO For One Month Website ( ), complete a series of questions and provide a motivational letter. They will be encouraged to upload their CV/ resume to support their application.

CEO For One Month